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July 29, 2010


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This is a feature on Ganesha- The Elephant God. He seems to be quite popular on deviantart, with so much awesome art based on him. Thank you guy for sharing!

Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश), also spelled Ganesa or Ganesh, also known as Ganapati  (Sanskrit: गणपति), Vinayaka, and Pillaiyar, is one of the deities best-known and most widely worshipped in the Hindu pantheon.  His image is found throughout India and Nepal.  Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations.Devotion to Ganesha is widely diffused and extends to Jains, Buddhists, and beyond India.

Although he is known by many other attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles (Vighnesha, Vighneshvara),patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is honoured at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies and invoked as Patron of Letters during writing sessions.

Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of letters and learning.

Ganesha by archanN Ganesha by GENZOMAN -- Ganesha -- by Pokelai Ganesha by screwbald ganesha by elpus ganesha 36 by vishalmisra  Ganesha by LaTaupinette Lord Ganesha by Mamba26 Ganesha by bikasn Ganesha painting by vishalmisraGanesha - 29 by vishalmisra Ganesha 43 by vishalmisraGanesha 42 by vishalmisraGanesha - 28 by vishalmisraGanesha 23 by vishalmisraGanesha 37 by vishalmisra Ganesha by mikartmilo Ganesha by sharupalimar Ganesha's World - Finished by Eyesofacrow Ganesha-ha by ming85 :thumb129665117: Ganesha - Kirby style by JRtheMonsterboy Ganesha - color by snartha Ganesha by Karnageinc Egyptian Ganesha by lhiannan  Ganesha Demands your Attention by quesoclove Ganesha by MrFatality Ganesha - 04 by vishalmisra Lord GAnesha Form by rjthakur Ganesha by CeFabuloso :thumb30812992: Ganesha - for the TO show by vishalmisra shree ganesha by cybaba Ganesha Flow by Naryu :thumb149411650: Ganesha and the lotus flowers by WolvrisGanesha by Nirup Ganesha by terapikomik Shiva and Ganesha by supacharge ganesha 2 by Wallsniper Ganesha by vieuphoria Ganesha by vieuphoriaGanesha by Dang-It-Bangles ganesha by abaldwinLord Ganesha by gajananavaze ' JUNGLE GANESHA' by tOkKa Ganesha by blacksGanesha by toy-camera Ganesha by brmithun ganesha by MattBenn8 elephant can capoeira too by Raltair GANESHA by eSEVEN77 Dancing Ganesha by jskaconcepts Koi series, Ganesha by Leprikhan Ganesha playing the Tabla by vishalmisra ganesha 37 by bbhattarai ganesha by observedsystem R.C.O.R.S. by NomeEdonnaGanesha by RobiComicsGanesha Shuurpakarna by steelehearts ganesha by zooncoen Dark Ganesha by manjulak baby ganesha by Hecatae ganesha 0 by bbhattarai ganesha dansing by bbhattarai welcome home daddy.. by ShanieQ ganesha 5 by sinnyfreak LORD GANESHA by verified-x Nice ride, Mister Ganesha by blob1 ganesha-4 by sinnyfreakganesha 42 by bbhattaraiganesha 27 by bbhattarai ganesha by tiocleiton Ganesha by AshsMannequin Ganesh by LaTaupinette Ganesha by LukeIvyPrice G A J A D E V A by Pat-Ch Hindu God Ganesha by andii-pandii Ganesha by LesleyCristina :thumb75932142: ganesha leg by sliceman424 Ganesh by feedbeck Ganesha by bajotb Ganesha by diethylamide :thumb161665806: Jay Shree Ganesh by archys187 Ganesha Colorful by art-zuza ganesha 6 by bbhattarai ganesha 10 by bbhattarai Ganesha Ekadanta by steelehearts Ganesha by araza13 vakratunda by kadoo Ganesha Earrings by Lunaversoul lord of ganesha by MAGOTZCORE elefante ganesha by Canisabscedo ganeshu by archys187 Orange Ganesh by FAIA-Fractals :thumbPersona Ganesha Colored by BradRy II by Adnil ganesh by veeeee 129949633: Ganesha Vinaayaka by steelehearts First Tattoo by rubbersoulennon :thumb101458102: Ganesha, dansing with reality by Anastasia-ArtistSee Destroyer of Obstacles by sigma1ao Ganesha Outline 2 by nimbolkar Ganesha on his mouse vahana by robbybobby Ganesh by muetzeone :thumb67118122: Gane-san by ryuumajin Gane-san by ryuumajin Psylocibin_Ganesh by benbal Ganesha on lotus by Empidicus gevanaresta by oph-scura Ganesha 1 by swarooproy ganesha 2 by sleepoholic sri ganesha by cam-ill G by irpunk Ganesha by RanTanTan gajanana by mythili :thumb143810050: Lord Ganesh... by Pickled-witch :thumb89450183: :thumb78216364: Ganesha.the.Great by steelehearts In the eyes of the great ones by Twitch- Panda Gansesha by biralize PIN atau BADGES-- GAJAAAAAAAAH by kun-bertopeng Abstract by sandeep-m The Usual unusual by Violent-Insomnia Papes by MayCh4ngris by melivillosagris by melivillosa Ganesh by jimbobpetemoss GANESHA08 by titoyusuf abstract by iamgraphik Shiva Family by sarahpaladin Oum Sri Ganpataye Namah by Kunstkammern Cunning Fundamentals by katanaZero GANESHA 02 by natesanmohan Warrior Ganesha by Tiberx Ganesha Chibi by senilovers :thumb169684097: ganesh 2.5 by Wallsniper Forms to Prayer by vishalmisra "Navigation To The Ocean" by 100LASHES ganesha31 by bbhattarai the Path to Shiva by xscreamsionarax ganesh warrior design by ZOOMZOOMMM :thumb59381029: Ganesha Lord of Tranquillity by DUnSTALKER Ganapati by abaldwin :thumb169683708:  :thumb169679952: Sampson Makes a Friend by landwish Mac Ganeshea by loftkilla ganesha45 by bbhattarai coloured decorated Ganesh by Gorgone :thumb118158465: gane by khyriel :thumb40531663: ganesh by pakodibujos Ganesh by kshipra ganasha by Plaze4keeps Don't Care by boulevarditb :thumb19942516: Evil Truths xcoloredx by XxNotxAxHeroxX ganesha12 by bbhattarai ganesha_for sale by setyanto Ganesh by Jelayer :thumb164535916: Ganesh by Wolvris New Gane by 3monks wood piece 1 by lizzylindsayganesha50 by bbhattarai007 - Heaven by walnetto Sibling Rivalry by CaughtFallingUp BAB I : Dwiraga by transbonja Tiket Maen Gedhe Ludruk ITB by sancokbrancok ganesha1 by bbhattarai ganesha1 by bbhattarai Man Made God... by itsmejegan ganesha 8 by NeelamChandwani ILSTR2 Sticker Pasar Seni 2010 by cescavarium :thumb126199001: God by creativeruchika linetest -from movie by kadoo digital painting by honeybee123 Shoten by thegreatjason General Sondej by Galyuu smile by LOKA84 ganpathii by kadoo ganesha 16 by NeelamChandwani THEworldISinYOURhands::fin by oukiee Hope Pope by Robotbot The Very Last: Detail 4 by dennisdonohue 96:Ganesha by biomek Ganesha Modern by art-zuza Ganesha by CassidyAssidy Calm Ganesha by shikhar :thumb138712564: :thumb3587060: :thumb3587060: Ganesha in the Garden by bthcasGanesha in the Garden by bthcas Lord Ganesha by Javagreeen Ganesha outline by CeFabuloso Ganesha Music Event 2008 by rollinme ganesha in aum by bscube ganesha comes to me by LaurenFaith GANESHA 001 by ddyogi ganesha.. by ankit-ravani Ganesha by brown-eyed-pea Ganesha by brown-eyed-pea Ganesha by StacyTompkins ganesh by NeelamChandwani ganesh by NeelamChandwani GANESHA 05 by natesanmohan ganesha and FIRNEDs. by SMOOV-E :thumb1660868: ganesha 9 by bbhattarai Ganesha by feuerhelmgraphics GANESHA 04 by natesanmohanStrength by musicfreak717 Ganesha by swarooproy Meditation.... by EtheralLush msg me by sin4x-ruLord Ganesha by derozio by asian-photographers Ganesha, Neptuno, Elehua... by juancarlosserrano Ganesha Billboard- MTDC by huffythefluffy Ganesha eight arms by Macsimilian2 sucked up by ganesha by splendidofsun ganu2 by NeelamChandwani Ganesha, God of War by limothy fire Ganesha sketch by coolfatx Ganesha and Papa Lloyd by alexinwondurland clip 04 by kadoo .....???? by irpunk Ganesh Preview 3 by Verokomo It Unfolds by r3tral Ganesha 19 by NeelamChandwani Dedicated to My brother HP by mythili ganesh the dod.... by muetzeone Lord Ganesh Ready for Battle by codenamezapper  Ganpati Festival by surashree :thumb166881133: :thumb169683053: LORD OF THE WISDOM by xshubhamx  Prize of Endurance by DreamMrSandman Prize of Endurance Back by DreamMrSandman :thumb145344887: Ready to FiGHT by ASuh ganesha51 by bbhattarai lighter than air by divinereflections lighter than air by divinereflections Everyone Loves a Good Tentacle by Akeley ganssha 55 by bbhattarai :thumb145349492: Deviant GOD by Lagazzi :thumb38762769: Gadjah by dudoetz Window art 1 by Coco-cha 97:Oil Painting by PreetK ganesh 22 by NeelamChandwani  clip-2 from movie by kadoo clip from movie by kadoo xmas 2006'07 by marisolivier:thumb155370859: ganpathii by kadoo FISHES and LORD GANESHA by kadoo ganpathi and fishes by kadoo Ganesh by Jigisha Ganesha Deva by VachalenXEON Gane-san by ryuumajin God in details2 by AroundTheCorners ganu by NeelamChandwani
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Sechmet5 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Great gallery. I just remembered that Ganesha is supossed to be a patron of students (and I really need to pass this math test), so I'm glad I found this gallery (I'll be doing me a henna tattoo for good luck)
ShinkaUrufu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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Thanks for the features
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HEY THNX A TONNE FOR FEATURING MA ART OVA HERE MANN..... *feels proud* ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!
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aw thank you very much.
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Thank you so much for featuring my work really appreciate that!Thanx :hug::):)
NeelamChandwani Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
Thanks for sharing the art!
benbal Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem pal u may find my other work about Ganesh at [link] and [link] just check it out!:):)
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